Emily Galusha (Austin, TX)

Born and raised in central Arkansas, Emily Galusha’s artwork is largely based on her upbringing as well as life experience, travel and the subconscious. She attended the University of Oklahoma at Norman where she studied Ballet Pedagogy before acquiring her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville located in the Ozark Mountains. She has won national awards for both her Design and Fine Art. Emily grew up in a creative environment, her mother an artist and art instructor, and her father a “napkin doodler”, both highly supportive of her creative endeavors. Her two brothers are also artists and film editors, further engulfing her everyday with creative processes. In her adult life, she has experienced a range of encounters, from worldly adventures to difficult relationships, that equally influence her expression. Currently, she is based in Austin, Texas, where she works as Creative Manager for a locally-based company as well as a freelance designer but spends the bulk of her time creating work for one of her three series: Undercurrents, Animal Dreams, Pistols. She predominantly works in watercolor as well as mixed media (graphite with an added antique or textural element).